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Oneshot Pickleball Fireshot

Oneshot Pickleball Fireshot


Ignite your game and make your opponent feel the heat from the first point to the last with the Oneshot Pickleball Fireshot Kevlar Pickleball Paddle.

Front and center on this 16.5" overall length performance paddle is the 11" long by 7.5" wide Kevlar hitting surface. This elongated face allows the weave of the Kevlar to remain elevated so it can grip the ball as it lingers on the rigid face material and impart crazy spin on your cuts, slices, and topspin drives. When hitting straight-on, the Kevlar returns ample energy to the ball for powerful pop, while the thick polypropylene core softens up your drop shots and dinks, helping you place them with precision.

The Fireshot Kevlar Paddle from Oneshot Pickleball backs up its performance with a modern combination of materials under the surface. The 16mm (0.63") thick poly honeycomb core takes up the majority of the space to provide cushion, vibration dampening, and consistent energy return for predictable performance. Around the edge of this core lies a lightweight EVA thermofoam that expands the sweet spot, allows for accurate weight distribution, and adds stability for consistency on off-center strikes. The 5.5" long handle arrives wrapped in a perforated cushion grip to facilitate a secure grip during hands battles, and even apply a second hand for big backhand drives.

Torch the competition with one of the first Kevlar-faced pickleball paddles to hit the market!

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