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Pickleball United All Round Paddle

Pickleball United All Round Paddle

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Introducing the Pickleball United All Round Paddle, the perfect choice for entry-level players looking for a reliable and durable paddle. This paddle features a well-balanced design that provides excellent control and maneuverability, making it ideal for beginners learning the ropes of pickleball. The paddle is constructed with a cork core and a 7ply wood face that offers a combination of power and responsiveness, allowing players to confidently make shots with precision. The comfortable grip ensures that players can maintain a secure hold on the paddle during intense rallies. With its affordable price and dependable performance, the Pickleball United All Round Paddle is the perfect choice for those new to the game.

The Pickleball United All Round paddle is an entry level paddle.

The perfect paddle for your dinks and drives. Made with a revolutionary cork core which reduces the weight of the paddle. A 7 ply wood face provides superior control and balance. Easy on the pocket and packs a punch.

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