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SLK Latitude 2.0

SLK Latitude 2.0


Meet the SLK Latitude 2.0 - the perfect paddle for players getting started on the Pickleball court.

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Redesigned with the thicker Rev-Core+ core and SpinFlex surface to give you performance and technology, with a larger sweet spot, more spin, and more control.

Paddle Technology

SpinFlex Textured Surface

Designed to increase spin, consistency and added ball control.

G4 Graphite Face

The G4 Graphite face gives you the control and the feel that all up-and-coming pickleball players are looking for.

Thicker Polymer Rev-Core+

Our Polymer Rev-Core is a reliable and proven technology that when combined with the G4 Graphite face gives you a consistent hit and feel every time.

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