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JOOLA Symmetry Pickleball Net

JOOLA Symmetry Pickleball Net

349,00 €Prix

The JOOLA Symmetry Pickleball Net is for the player who wants the stability and playability of an inground net but still need to pick up and go when play is done.

Delivery for this Net is  2-3 weeks.

Your pickleball court will be ready to play lightning quick as assembly takes less than five minutes. Put up is made even easier with the true tensioning system that ensures an accurate, regulation height at the sides and middle. You also won’t have to worry about missing pieces or hard to read labels as the support pole is a single length of shock chord poles. Once set up, whether you’ve created your own indoor or outdoor pickleball court, the JOOLA pickleball net and posts are ready to stand up to the bumps and jostling inherent to the game. Enjoy those exciting net roll plays instead of worrying about the net falling over in a gust of wind. Take down is just as quick as set up and is aided by the carry bag that conveniently holds it all.

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