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Coaching with Michael

Coaching with Michael

Whether you have new players who need basic instruction, or established players wishing to improve their game we are happy to help.

Michael Mc Daid, a former tennis coach, and founder of Pickleball Ireland, is the most experienced pickleball coach in Ireland and has worked with players of all levels all around the country.

Coaching is critical right from the start. It is important to teach newcomers the very basics of the sport on their first visit to a court. Get the basics wrong and it can be difficult to change some bad habits at a later date.

The sport is now at a stage nationally where established clubs are ready to bring their game to a new level and bringing in an external coach is the best way to achieve this.

Michael is also experienced in running 'coach the coach' sessions. This is the ideal way to develop the game at club level. Every club should have one or more instructors who take responsibility for newcomers to their club. People capable of bringing new players through the early stages of playing the game. These instructors can be trained over a 2 hour session that will give them the necessary skills. Such instructors are critical to the successful growth of the sport. 

Contact Celtic Pickleball for more information on our coaching services.

If you have any questions on any aspect of the game such as rules, coaching tips etc. Michael will be happy to help.

Contact Pat


Hello, Pat the Dink here. If you are interested in finding out more about coaching please contact us on our contact page. You also can email us directly at I will be sure to get all messages to Michael.

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