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Heritage Pickleball Essentials Paddle blue

Heritage Pickleball Essentials Paddle


A must-have for any student of pickleball and lover of the game, the Heritage Pickleball Essentials Paddle calls on decades of history to provide you with a head-turning paddle packed with modern features. The large logo and bold two-tone colorway draw inspiration from Pickle-ball, Inc. paddles that have been used to shape the game as we know it, while the modern construction ensures you can keep up with the speed and intensity of today's style of play.


Suitable for all play styles and just about any skill level, the Heritage Pickle-ball Graphite Essentials paddle will almost certainly feel good in your hand. The reactive 10.4" long by 7.75" wide graphite hitting surface, adorned in the iconic graphic, provides lingering control and a soft feel that promotes strategic play. Reinforcing that controlled feeling is a 13mm (0.51") thick polypropylene honeycomb core that returns energy to the ball for added power and expands the sweet spot to help limit the punishment of a mis-hit. All of this performance weighs in at just 7.6 ounces, situating it on the lighter end of midweight scale, allowing you to add weight is strategic locations (if desired). This lighter static weight lends itself to speed and control in hands-battles to help you dominate at the net, and look great doing it.

Whether you are playing with the Heritage Pickle-ball Essentials paddle against friends or foes, know it will hold its own and probably even start some fun conversations about the history of the sport.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"

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