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Six Zero Ruby

Six Zero Ruby


Experience the Revolution with the Six Zero Ruby

Unlock your potential on the court with the Six Zero Ruby Pickleball Paddle, the hottest paddle for spin in today's market. Engineered with groundbreaking technology and materials, this paddle is designed for players who demand exceptional control and unbeatable spin.

Innovative Technology

Step into a new era of pickleball with the Ruby Paddle, which features a 100% Aramid fiber face.  Renowned for its high strength, toughness, and thermal stability, Aramid fiber ensures your paddle is not only durable and abrasion-resistant but also equipped to deliver a superior playing experience. The cross-weave cloth pattern enhances spin, grip, and overall feel, allowing you to engage the ball with unprecedented precision.

Striking Design and Unmatched Durability

The Ruby Paddle is a visual and performance masterpiece, with an eye-catching red cloth and elegant white trim highlights. Its unibody design incorporates Six Zero's advanced carbon fusion edge thermoform technology, ensuring a seamless and robust construction that stands up to competitive play.

High-Tech Manufacturing Process

Crafted through a meticulous multi-stage cold and hot mold process, the Ruby ensures the highest quality and performance. Each paddle undergoes rigorous manufacturing steps, taking longer to create than standard models to ensure every detail is perfect.

Aerodynamic and Optimized for Performance

With its aerodynamically engineered flared design, the Ruby optimizes your reach and improves paddle aerodynamics. The slight flare enhances the sweet spot in the core hitting zone, making every shot more effective and allowing you to play with greater confidence.

Revolutionary Surface for Maximum Spin

The textured 3K weave surface of the Ruby Paddle provides phenomenal spin capabilities, complemented by its ability to grip the ball effectively. This feature, combined with the strength and controlled pop of the interwoven layers, allows you to execute powerful shots with a finesse that is sure to dominate the court.

Premium Honeycomb Polymer Core

At the core of the Ruby Paddle lies a 16mm thick premium honeycomb polymer, meticulously tested to balance power and control perfectly. This "power engine" ensures lasting performance, giving you the confidence to play at your peak in every game.

3D Carbon Thermoformed Handle

The elongated 3D carbon thermoformed handle is tailored to reduce vibration and increase comfort. The carbon face and fusion edge technology span the entire length of the handle, melded under intense heat and pressure to ensure strength and durability. The ergonomic design is perfected with a premium custom Six Zero perforated leather grip, making it suitable for all hand sizes and particularly beneficial for players with a double backhand.

Perfectly Balanced for Superior Play

Our engineering and quality control teams have meticulously balanced the Ruby Paddle to optimize ergonomic comfort and player control. The result is a paddle that not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of competitive pickleball players.

Elevate your game with the Six Zero Ruby Pickleball Paddle, where advanced technology meets sleek design for unmatched performance on the pickleball court.

Exclusive Neoprene Cover
Each Ruby paddle comes with a custom Six Zero neoprene cover, protecting your equipment in style.

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