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ProLite No-Slip Thin Overgrip

ProLite No-Slip Thin Overgrip


The ProLite No-Slip Thin Overgrip offers superior handling with minimal padding so that you'll have optimal control over your paddle.


If you prefer to keep your grips as close to the handle as possible, this will ensure nothing gets between you and the "feel" of your gear. Of course, ProLite's dedication to quality ensures that you'll still enjoy plenty of traction when using this product so that your paddle won't slip during play.

In addition to its dry yet tacky feel, this grip comes in an assortment of bright and beautiful colours that you can use to customize your gear's look and match it to your paddle's design. It's an easy way to spruce up a paddle and make it stand out, especially if you want to ensure it won't get lost among friends' and playing partners' equipment.

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